Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Birthday party

I forgot that I had not posted pictures of Carrington's party!  She had a great time and all of the girls were so sweet and well-mannered.  Carrington doesn't like cake (I can't imagine!), so she asked for a cookie cake.  I gave each of the girls a clay pot to paint.  Then later on, they decorated flower-shaped cookies on a stick.  This was our first experience making these cookies.  The cookies turned out fine except for the fact that they were too heavy to stay on the stick, especially after being smothered with icing! 
I invited one of Clayton's friends to come over to play during the party so he wouldn't feel left out.  They played with balloons, dinosaurs, and silly string.  They had fun spraying silly string in the front yard and on the front door.  I don't mind.  The rain will wash it all away eventually!

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