Saturday, August 14, 2010

Some birthday pics

McKenzie's chocolate cake
Birthday fun with the cousins
So strong and mighty!
My sweet Dad and Aunt Emily
Making a splash
Me, my Dad, Aunt Emily, my sister Kellie
Clayton and me at the mall
French fries and Gyro wraps
I have gotten so behind with posting my pictures!  I have all of my pics downloaded onto my computer now.  Yeah!!!  But being the orderly, perfectionist that I am.........I have to post them in order of occurence.  So here are some pictures from our trip to my Mom and Dad's house, and also some from our outing on Carrington's birthday.
My nieces Madeline and McKenzie wanted to make a cake for Carrington's b-day while we were together at my Mom's house.  They are so sweet!  They made a yummy chocolate cake and then we sang Happy Birthday and had cake right before Marcy and her kids had to leave to go home.  I love the picture of the girls with their feet out of the pool! 
The rest of the pictures are from Carrington's actual birthday.  I have a tradition of decorating my children's door the night before their birthday, so when they wake up in the morning they have a surprise.  Carrington requested french toast for her birthday breakfast.  I dressed up the table that day and used the "good dishes".  :o)  Then we went on some errands and shopping (her request).  We went to our local mall and mostly browsed her favorite stores.  Since it was really hot that day, my kids decided to play in the water fountain.  Carrington asked me to run through it 1 time, so I did.  I do a lot of crazy things for my kids.  I want them to remember me doing fun things with them. 


  1. Great post! I loved looking at all the pictures~ I really like your new layout, it is very pretty! :)


  2. The pic of the boys showing their muscles is really cute!


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