Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to my sweet girl!

Tomorrow is Carrington's birthday.  She will be 11 years old!  Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!  We love you very much!
In honor of her birthday, here are 11 things that I love about Carrington:
1. She is fun and creative. 
2. She is beautiful inside and out.
3. She loves her brother and is very patient with him.
4. She's my shopping buddy, my movie watching buddy, and my pedicure-getting buddy.  :o)
5. She is very helpful around the house and is becoming a great little cook!
6. She adores her Daddy and is very loyal to him.
7. She loves babies and young children.
8. She has a positive attitude about life.
9. She cares about people and has mercy for them.
10. I can trust her to be obedient when I'm not around.
11. She loves Jesus and says the sweetest prayers.
I can't wait to see what God has in store for you, Carrington.  I know He has big plans for your life!


  1. Thank you, Mama!!!!!! Your post was very sweet, and I love the 1st song! :)

    I love you!!


  2. Happy Birthday Miss Carrington!!!
    I love you very much~
    I cannot believe you are 11;)

    Blessings to you sweety!

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday!! I love you so much! Have a WONDERFUL year being eleven!!!

  4. Hi Carri,
    So you are now eleven! Hope you have had a great day! I tried to reach you on the phone earlier today, but you weren't home. Hope to talk to you soon.



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