Sunday, March 7, 2010

Food Inc. movie

Warren and I just finished watching this movie. We rented it from Blockbuster. I am so glad we took the time to watch it. It's an eye opener, very informative, and made me very upset. I wanted to cry for the farmer towards the end who was trying to fight against the monster seed company. I won't name names, because I don't want to be sued. I recently heard on the news that a company sued someone for saying something derogatory on her Facebook about the company. What about Free Speech? Don't we have a right to our opinion?
Back to the movie. The movie talked about how animals are treated by big corporations. The farmers are forced to keep them penned up in tight spaces, standing in their feces all day. It's horrible. I'm not an animal rights activist. I'm not a tree-hugging liberal. I'm concerned about the way the animals are treated, because it makes the meat very unhealthy to eat. We also need to be good stewards of what God has given us. We should treat animals humanely. The movie showed a factory where the meat was "cleaned" with ammonia. Ammonia is not something we should consume and yet they were cleaning the meat with it. We also don't need to be consuming pesticides and herbicides which our fruits and vegetables are sprayed with either.
My husband sometimes asks me why I bake so often. I explained to him that when you bake your own cookies, for example, they don't have hydrogenated fat and high fructose corn syrup in them. I also use organic butter. It costs a lot of money to buy everything organic, but to me buying milk, butter, and cheese organic is a must. I would also prefer to buy all meat organic, but I at least get hormone and antibiotic free meat. I can get that at Publix. It's getting easier to buy healthier food. Even Wal-Mart has some organic products, which to me is very exciting. They said in the movie that you vote every time you buy something at the grocery store or farmers market. This is so true!
This is what I took away from the movie:
Cook at home.
Bake at home.
Avoid fast food.
Look at labels. (You will be shocked at how many things contain high fructose corn syrup....ketchup, bread, jelly, orange juice)
Buy local when possible.
Buy organic when possible. It's better to spend extra money on your food bill instead of wasting it on toys that your kids don't need anyway.
Tell everyone you know to watch the movie, Food, Inc.


  1. when i get where i can, i want to get this for daddy and i to look at. i have come to the conclusion that the only way to stay healthy is to eat healthy. al doctors care about are pills. it is too late for me but not for ya'll.

  2. It's a really great movie. Everyone needs to watch it. The way the employees and animals are treated is horrible. I liked seeing the creator of Stonyfield. I've been eating his yogurt for a large part of my life! I can't wait to see ya'll!


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