Monday, March 1, 2010

Dr. James Dobson-my hero

My hero has retired. Last week was Dr. James Dobson's last week at Focus on the Family. I am very sad. In the sin-filled world we are living in today, there are very few men with the character, faith, and integrity that Dr. Dobson has. He has been a brave defender of the family, unborn babies, the sanctity of marriage, and orphans. He has been viciously criticized by the liberal media and those who promote abortion and sinful lifestyles. (I am careful what I write because my precious daughter and nieces read my blog sometimes.) :o)
I am thankful for Focus on the Family and Dr. Dobson for all of the advice I have gotten over the years through the radio program, books, and also from calling them. When Clayton was 2, he climbed out of his crib so I decided to put him in a big boy bed. He wouldn't stay in the bed, however and I ended up lying down with him every night until he fell asleep. I got tired of our new routine. I finally decided to put him to bed and not let him get up. That night I put him back to bed about 80 times! I'm not exagerating! I didn't punish him or scold him, I just sat outside of his room and every time he got up, I would take him back to bed.
The next day I called Focus on the Family for advice. The nice man on the phone said, "Wow, your son is really strong willed!" He told me that Dr. Dobson's advice would be that I had to win the bedtime tug of war. He said that Clayton would eventually realize that I meant business, and that I couldn't let him get his way. So that night, with more resolve, I finally convinced Clayton that he had to stay in the bed without me lying there with him. After about 90 times (I can't remember the exact number), Clayton went to sleep and we all lived happily ever after!!!
A little side note: Clayton's middle name is James for 3 reasons, one of them being because I admire James Dobson so much. Dr. Dobson's middle name is Clayton, but I didn't know that until after my Clayton was born. My Mom met him several years ago at Focus on the Family and told him I named my son after him. Then a month or 2 after that, my husband saw him at a hotel in Washington D.C. and told him that we didn't really name Clayton after him. My Mom has been mad at Warren ever since! :o)

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