Sunday, March 28, 2010

A lazy Sunday afternoon

It has rained off and on this afternoon. I was really hoping to go walking at the park. We have a new park 5 minutes from our house. It has great walking trails and a really nice playground. Carrington is watching The Waltons. Doesn't she look cozy? We have 2 cherry trees in bloom right now, and another tree in bloom that I haven't identified. I love them! Spring is my favorite time of year.
The Pioneer Woman Cooks is my new favorite cookbook. Kellie gave it to me for my birthday. It has great pictures and yummy recipes...... a lot of "real" food that you would actually want to cook for your family. Her blog is Oh, and she homeschools. There is a ton of stuff on her website about homeschooling, curriculum, etc. It's a fun read.
Carrington and Clayton made Easter suncatchers at church this morning. I think they are so cute! We are getting ready to eat chili cheese fries for supper, so easy, and so yummy! I make chili, bake crinkle fries, then put the chili on top of the fries and then top with grated cheese. Yummo! I'll have to walk extra laps on my treadmill tonight. :o)

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  1. That was a fun post. I think you gave our Ressurection eggs to McKenzie years ago. We have used them every year!


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