Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Story of Nations

These are 2 books that I think are VERY helpful in understanding our economy and justice system. They are informative but not too heavy.

The Story of Nations

1. The people go from CHAINS to spiritual faith.

2. From SPIRITUAL FAITH to courage

3. From COURAGE to liberty

4. From LIBERTY to abundance

5. From ABUNDANCE to selfishness

6. From SELFISHNESS to complacency

7. From COMPLACENCY to apathy

8. From APATHY to dependency

9. From DEPENDENCY and degeneracy back again to bondage.

"All recorded history proves that the rise and fall of every nation has followed the above pattern."

"The 'Welfare State' and the 'Federal Handout' were used by power-hungry Social Planners to destroy every great civilization."

From the book Exploring American History by Michael J. McHugh and D. H. Montgomery

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