Monday, March 15, 2010

A Fun Weekend

We had a nice weekend. We took our children tomy sister's house on Friday to spend the night. Then we drove to another town and Warren and I stayed in an old hotel. The lobby was really pretty. The room smelled a little musty, but it's probably hard to keep things smelling fresh in such an old building! It was so nice to have some time by ourselves.
The the next day Warren and I went to a family conference. My other sister and her husband also went. It was VERY informative, practical, and inspirational. I need that every once in a while! My kids had a blast with their cousins while we were gone. We drove home on Sunday and now it's back to work and school. I'm thankful for the Daylight Savings Time, even if it is an adjustment in our sleep.

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  1. We had great time too! I'm making such a strange face in the picture of Lydia and Carrington hugging. I look like I'm crying.:D
    I miss you! See you at Easter!


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