Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A very homeschool post

The top picture is from a Science book series that we love. They are fun and very informative. Inside Your Outside is probably my favorite one, but we love them all. The only one we haven't read is the one on dinosaurs. I know it would be full of the THEORY of evolution. You can find good children's books about dinosaurs from,4315,183.aspx. There are other Creation Science ministries that also have products for children.
The second picture is from a series of books we discovered recently from our library. The stories are very sweet and teach about different events in American history, ie Civil War, Great Depression, etc. I don't know what we would do without our local library. Every time we go, we check out a huge stack of books. I LOVE books!
Third picture: my new fire ladder. I found a great deal at Lowe's. We recently went on a great field trip to a fire station with our homeschool group. Fire stations are awesome! The firefighters are always so nice and helpful. They teach some great little sayings to help your children remember what to do in a fire, such as "don't hide, go outside," and "get low and go." They said that hiding is a big problem with children and fires, even teenagers! They get scared and don't know what to do, so they hide in closets and under beds.
Slim Goodbody, 4th picture, was a fun field trip we went on this year. He has a show that he puts on with a lot of fun songs and wonderful graphics on a huge screen. Very educational and fun! He travels all over the country. He taught the children how to say, "I will never smoke, ever," in sign language.

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